AEHM – Volume 11, Issue 3

Freshwater Fishes and Fisheries of the World: Biodiversity, Health and Habitat


Freshwater Fishes And Water Status In México: A Country-Wide Appraisal
S. Contreras-Balderas S. Contreras-Balderas, G. Ruiz-Campos, J. J. Schmitter-Soto, E. Díaz-Pardo, T. Contreras-McBeath, M. Medina-Soto, L. Zambrano-Gonzalez, A. Varela-Romero, R. Mendoza-Alfaro, C. Ramírez-Martínez, M. A. Leija-Tristán, P. Almada-Villela, D. A. Hendrickson, J. Lyons (Mexico)

Freshwater fishes and aquatic habitats in Peru: Current knowledge and conservation
H. Ortega and M. Hidalgo (Mexico)

Freshwater Fish Habitat Science and Management In India
S. K. Ghosh and A. G. Ponniah (India)

Freshwater fishes, fisheries and habitats of Nepal
C. M Sharma (Nepal)

Freshwater Fishes, Their Biodiversity, Habitats and Fisheries In Finland With Comparisons To Neighbouring Countries Norway And Sweden
H. Lehtonen, M. Rask, S. Pakkasmaa, T. Hesthagen (Finland)

Contributed Articles

Recovery assessment in Lake Nemi (Italy) after a twenty year period (1981-2001) using plant-associated invertebrates
L. Mastrantuono and M. Sforza (Italy)

Understanding the ecology of disease in Great Lakes fish populations
S.C. Riley, K.R. Munkittrick, A. N. Evans and C.C. Krueger (United States)

Biological evaluation of Michigan’s non-wadeable rivers using macroinvertebrates
K.J. Wessell, R.W. Merritt, J.G.O. Wilhelm, J. D. Allan, K.W. Cummins, and Donald G. Uzarski (United States)