AEHM – Volume 11, Issue 2

State of Lake Huron: Ecosystem Change, Habitat, and Management


Evolution of Lakes in the Huron Basin: deglaciation to Present
C.F.M. Lewis, P.F. Karrow, S.M. Blasco, F.M.G. McCarthy, J. W. King, T.C. Moore, Jr., D.K. Rea (Canada)

The late quaternary oxygen-isotope composition of southern Lake Huron
R.A. Macdonald, F.J. Longstaffe (Canada)

Lake Huron climatology, inter-lake exchange and mean circulation
W.M. Schertzer, R.A. Assel, D. Beletsky, T.E. Croley, II, B.M. Lofgren, J.H. Saylor, D.J. Schwab (Canada)

Warmer and drier climates that make Lake Huron into a terminal lake
T. E. Croley, II, and C.F. M. Lewis (United States)

Application of a nested-grid hydrodynamic model for circulation and thermal structure in the coastal boundary layer of Lake Huron
R.R. Yerubandi, J. Sheng (Canada)

Response of vegetation communities in three Lake Huron fens to historical water level fluctuations
L. Mortsch, G. Sabila P. Deadman (Canada)

Observations of currents in Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron
M.J. McCormick, D.J. Schwab (United States)

Microcystin concentrations and cell quotas in Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron
G.L. Fahnenstiel, D.F. Millie, J. Dyble, R. W. Litaker, P.A. Tester, M. J. McCormick, R. Rediske, D. M. Klarer (United States)

Influence of environmental conditions on late-summer cyanobacterial abundance in Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron
D.F. Millie, D. F., G.L. Fahnenstiel, G. L., J. Dyble, R.R. Pigg, R. Rediske, D. M. Klarer, R. W. Litaker, P.A. Tester (United States)

Contributed Articles

Domestic wastewater treatment using tidal-flow cinder bed with Cyperus alternifolius
S.Y. Chan,Y.F. Tsang, S.N. Sin, and H. Chua (Hong Kong)

Catch rates as indicators of ecosystem health and exploitation status in the shrimp fishery in the South China Sea
S. Christensen, Dang van Thi (Denmark)

Progress of water pollution control in Hong Kong
F. L. Hua, Y. F. Tsang, H. Chua (Hong Kong)

Examining the impacts of changing land use on biological integrity in streams using Geographical Information Systems and statistical modeling
M.A. Goddard, C.J. Post, W.R. English, J. W. Pike (United States)


Assistant Deputy Minister (Science) Distinction Award presented to Dr. Mohiuddin Munawar, Chief Editor. January 15, 2008