AEHM – Volume 11, Issue 1

Changing Great Lakes of the World (GLOW IV)

Announcement: Honorary Doctorate from Göteborg University, Sweden conferred on, Dr. Mohiuddin Munawar, Chief Editor of AEHM

Martin van der Knaap & Mohiuddin Munawar Co-chairs, GLOW IV

General nutrient distribution in the water column of Northern Lake Tanganyika
D. Nahimana, N. Brion, W. Baeyens, and G. Ntakimazi (Burundi)

Heterogeneity in physical, chemical and plankton-community structures in Lake Tanganyika
V.T. Langenberg, J-m. Tumba, K. Tshibangu, C. Lukwesa, D. Chitamwebwa, D. Bwebwa, L. Makasa, and R. Roijackers (The Netherlands)

Changes in species composition and abundance of commercially important pelagic fish species in Kigoma area, Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania
I.A. Kimirei, Y.D. Mgaya, P.D. Plisnier and A.I. Chande (Tanzania)

Lake Tanganyika ecosystem management strategies
H.H. Nkotagu (Tanzania)

Increasing dominance of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus in Lake Victoria, Kenya: Consequences for the Nile perch Lates niloticus fishery
M. Njiru, J. Ojuok, A. Getabu, T. Jembe, M. Owili, and C. Ngugi (Kenya)

A Joint Strategic Plan for management of Great Lakes fisheries: A cooperative regime in a multi-jurisdictional setting
M. Gaden, C. Krueger, C. Goddard, and G. Barnhart (USA)

Ecological state and monitoring of limnological and biological parameters in Lake Ladoga, Russia
M. Viljanen, V. Drabkova, V. Avinsky, L. Kapustina and G. Raspletina (Finland)

Changing Great Lakes of the World (GLOW IV): An Overview

Contributed articles

Relationship between phytoplankton paleoproduction and diversity in contrasting trophic states
B. Das, R. Nordin, and A. Mazumder (Canada)

Application of a vegetation-based index of biotic integrity for Lake Erie coastal marshes in Ohio
J.J. Mack, N.H. Avdis, E.C. Braig IV, and D.L. Johnson (USA)

Simulation of the hydrodynamic regime of Jebel Ali Harbor, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
M.A. Maraqa, A. Ali, H.D. Imran, W. Hamza, and S. Al Awadi (U.A.E.)

Towards feasible, sustainable and environmental protection for all
G. Lettinga (The Netherlands)