AEHM – Volume 1, Issue 2

Managing Aquatic Ecosystems in Southern Africa

Mohiuddin Munawar

Preface: Managing aquatic ecosystems in Southern Africa
Dr. Chris Dickens

Instream flow assessments for regulated rivers in South Africa using the Building Block Methodology
J. King & D. Louw

A geomorphological framework for the assessment of instream flow requirements
K. Rowntree & R. Wadeson

Application of the hydraulic biotope concept to the classification of instream habitats
R.A. Wadeson & K.M. Rowntree

Some implications of inter-basin water transfers for river ecosystem functioning and water resources management in southern Africa
C.D. Snaddon, M.J. Wishart & B.R. Davies

Delineation of management regions for South African rivers based on water chemistry
J.A. Day, H.F. Dallas & A. Wackernagel

Biomonitoring for effective management of wastewater discharges and the health of the river environment
C.W.S. Dickens & P.M. Graham