AEHM – Volume 1, Issue 1

Dr Mohiuddin Munawar

Fish farming in lakes and acceptable total phosphorus loads: Calibrations, simulations and predictions using the LEEDS model in Lake Southern Bullaren, Sweden
L. HÃ¥kanson & L. Carlsson

The role of physical biotopes in determining the conservation status and flow requirements of British rivers
C.L. Padmore

Testing the toxicity of sediments contaminated with diesel fuel using glochidia and juvenile mussels (Bivalvia, Unionidae)
A.E. Keller, D.S. Ruessler & C.M. Chaffee

Modification of an index of biotic integrity and development of reference condition expectations or dunal, palustrine wetland fish communities along the southern shore of Lake Michigan
T.P. Simon

Application of an index of biotic integrity for dunal, palustrine wetlands: emphasis on assessment of nonpoint source landfill effects on the Grand Calumet Lagoons
T.P. Simon & P.M. Stewart

Environmental quality of the Jordanian coastal waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea
M.I. Badran & P. Foster

Biological impact of lipophilic sediment extracts from the Kafue River, Zambia, in microinjected rainbow trout yolk-sac fry and chick embryo livers exposed in vitro
L. Norrgren, B. Brunström, M. Engwall & M. Mwase

Stress protein accumulation as an indicator of impact by the petroleum industry in Todos os Santos Bay, Brazil
I.A. Nascimento, M.B.N. Leite, G. Sansone, S.A. Pereira & D.H. Smith