The Official Journal of the Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management Society is a peer reviewed international journal devoted to understanding ecosystem performance, function and management from integrated, multi-disciplinary and sustainable perspectives.

The Journal provides a forum for the assessment and discussion of ecosystemic, integrated approaches to aquatic ecosystem research and management. This includes concepts and approaches that address health, integrity, performance, efficiency, remediation, restoration recovery, conservation, sustainable human use and development. This Journal seeks to foster international and cross-sectorial exchange of information among scientists, academicians, managers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, citizens, business, industry, politicians and governments on the health and sustainability of global aquatic resources.

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The journal focuses on integrated, multi-disciplinary, multi-trophic and sustainable practices for the management, remediation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems. It provides a forum for scientists and managers to discuss hypotheses and ideas that address ecosystem science based concepts, approaches, methods, models and technologies.

The journal promotes publication of investigations and management practices designed to protect, restore, remediate, conserve and maintain the health and integrity of aquatic ecosystems.

AEHM seeks to foster international and cross-sectorial communications of important findings amongst scientists, managers, students, citizens, business, socio-economists, municipal agencies and politicians.


The journal publishes articles on the following themes and topics:

  • Original concise manuscripts dealing with the health, integrity and performance of aquatic ecosystems
  • Reviews on state of the art issues, strategies, techniques and models
  • Ecosystem science based holistic treatments including physical, chemical and biological components and their interactions
  • Invited essays from established scientists and experts on timely and emerging topics
  • Special issues organized around unified themes, topics and ecosystems/habitats

Themes and Topics

  • Adoption of integrated, ecosystemic science-based approaches including physical, chemical, biological, ecological, eco-toxicological or modelling assessments from a holistic and sustainable perspective.
  • Assessment of the impacts of environmental perturbations on the health and integrity of the structure and performance of the food web.
  • Linkages between lower and upper trophic levels of the food web
  • Bio-monitoring, bio-assessment, and bio-remediation techniques designed for the restoration of stressed ecosystems.
  • Development of concepts, procedures and technologies appropriate to evaluate the recovery of ecosystems
  • Development and contribution of environmental and ecological guidelines for national and international agreements aimed at protecting ecosystem health and integrity
  • Consideration of linkages of aquatic health to socio-economic stressors and environmental ethics towards conservation of aquatic resources

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