Top of the World Environmental Research: Mount Everest-Himalayan Ecosystem

Table of Contents

Munawar, M.

Preface: General aims of the high altitude environmental research
Bianco, L.

Perspectives for a high altitude observatory for monitoring global changes
Baudo, R. R. de Benardi & G. Tartari

Alpinism to Mount Everest: An Overview
Da Polenza, A & AL Munawar

Geophysical, geological and geographical features of the Himalayas
Poretti, G.

Geology of the Everest – Makalu region
Lombardo, B. & G. Bortolami

Glaciers and glaciology of Himalaya
Smiraglia, C.

Meteorology and climatology at high altitude in Himalaya 
Stravisi, F., G. P. Verza & G. Tartari

Stream hydrochemistry of the Khumbu, Annapurna and Langtang regions of Nepal
Reynolds, B., A. Jenkins, P.J. Chapman & J Wilkinson

Inorganic and organic micropollutants in high altitude and remote areas
Camusso, M. & S. Galassi

The upper subalpine vegetation of Sagarmatha National Park (Khumbu Hima area, Nepal) and its relationship with Himalayan tahr, musk deer and domestic yak. An outline
Buffa, G., C. Ferrari & S. Lovari

General considerations on the collembolan fauna of the Himalayan range
Fanciulli, P.P.

Palaeolimnological analysis of four Himalayan lakes (Khumbu Valley, Nepal)
Guilizonni, P., A. Lami, J. D. Smith, C. Belis, M. Bianchi B. Bettinetti, A. Marchetto & H Muntau

Assessment of biota in lakes from the Khumbu Valley, High Himalayas
Ruggiu, D., R. Bertoni, C. Calleiri, M. Manca & A. M. Nocentini

Water resources and human health interactions in Nepal and in the Khumbu Valley
Baroni, A., A. M. Boselli & G. U Caravello

Exercise at high altitude maximal aerobic power and maximal lactic capacity 
Grassi, B. & P. Cerritelli

Environmental information system of Klhumbu-Himal areas
Antoninetti, M., M pepe, C. Iabichino, C. De Vito & G. Tartari