The Gulf Ecosystem Health and Sustainability

Table of Contents

M. Munawar

A.H. Al-Otaibi

C.R.C. Sheppard

N.Y. Khan, M. Munawar, ARG. Price

SECTION I: The Gulf Ecosystem: biogeophysical setting

Physical and human geography
N.Y. Khan

Geological oceanography of the Arabian Gulf
A.N. Al- Ghadban

Meteorology and climate
R.M. Reynolds

R.M. Reynolds

Coastal and marine ecology
D.A. Jones, A.R.G. Price, F. Al-Yamani, A. Al-Zaidan

A.R.G. Price, DA. Jones, F Krupp

SECTION II: Human stressors.

Oil and petroleum industry
P. Literathy, N.Y. Khan, O. Linden

Non-oil industry
S. W. Fowler

Power and desalination plants
H. Khordagui. Agrochemicals, S. W. Fowler

SECTION III: Habitat Degradation and Wider Impacts

Dredging and infilling
A. N. Al-Ghadban, A.R.G. Price

Urban wastes and disposal
S. AI-Muzaini, M.U. Beg

Changes in riverine input and loss of wetlands
F.Y. Al-Yamani, N.Y. Khan

Fishing and mariculture
J.M. Bishop

Impact of wars

The Gulf War 1990-91
O. Linden, T. Husain

Atmospheric fallout
T. Husain, E. Memon

SECTION IV: Ecosystem Health

Aquatic ecosystem health of the Arabian Gulf: Status and research needs
M. Munawar, A.R.G. Price, I.F. Munawar, S. Carou, H. Niblock, J. Lorimer

Seafood contamination
M. Sadiq, T. Saeed, S. W. Fowler

Human-induced global climate change: predicted effects and implications for the Gulf
J.T. Hardy

Framework for ecological risk assessment: deterministic and probabilistic analyses
T. Husain, R. Sadiq, Mukhtasor, A.A. Khan

SECTION V: Management.

Legal and institutional frameworks
N. Y. Khan, A.R.G. Price

Integrated coastal zone management
A.R.G. Price, N.Y. Khan

Marine protected areas
F. Krupp

Integrated regional database management systems
A.R.G. Price, A.N. Al-Ghadban

Environmental trends and integrated management of the Gulf
N.Y. Khan, M. Munawar A.R.G. Price

Subject Index (P. Buchanan).