State of Lake Erie (SOLE) – Past, present and future

Table of Contents

M. Munawar, T.A. Edsall & I.F. Munawar

Foreword: The state of Lake Erie
C.E. Herdendorf

J.R. Vallentyne

Henry A. Regier: A biography
A.P. Zimmerman, B.J. Shuter, D.A. Jackson

Joseph H. Leach: A biography
S.J. Nepszy

The changing ecosystem

Lake Erie: passages revisited
J.H. Leach

Potential climate change impacts on Lake Erie.
F.H. Quinn, T.E. Croley II

Physical limnological characteristics of Lake Erie and implications of climate changes.
W.M. Schertzer

Sedimentary environment of western Lake Erie: geologic setting, sediment distribution and anthropogenic effects.
N. Rasul, J.P. Coakly, R. Pippert

Time resolution of downcore chemical changes in Lake Erie sediments. 
G. Matisoff

Lake Erie in transition: the 90’s.
M.N. Charlton, R. Le Sage

The changing phytoplankton biomass and its composition in Lake Erie: A lake wide comparative analysis.
M. Munawar , I.F. Munawar

Abundance, biomass and diversity of planktonic ciliates (ciliophora) of Lake Erie.
D. Lynn, M. Munawar

Historical and recent changes in the Lake Erie zooplankton community and their relationship to ecosystem function.
O.E. Johannsson, D.M. Graham, D.W.E. Einhouse, E.L. Mills

Changes in the bottom fauna of western Lake Erie.
B.A. Manny, D.W. Schloesser. O.E. Johannsson, D.M. Graham, D.W.E. Einhouse, E. L. Mills

Burrowing mayflies in Lake Erie – a review.
T.A. Edsall, C.P. Madenjian, B.A. Manny

The changing fishery regime in Lake Erie.
S.J. Nepszy

Recent trends in eastern Lake Erie fish stocks within a changing trophic state and food web (1980-1994).
P.A. Ryan, L.D. Witzel, J.R. Paine, M.J. Freeman, M. Hardy, K.L. Sztramko

Consumption of rainbow smelt by walleye and salmonine fishes in the eastern Lake Erie.
D.W.E. Einhouse, M.T. Bur, F.C. Cornelius, R. Kenyon, C.P. Madenjian, P.S. Rand, K.L. Sztramko, L.D. Witzel

Invasion of exotics

Biological invasions in Lake Erie: past, present and future.
H.J. MacIsaac

Effects of dreissenid mussels on nitrogen and phosphorus in north shore waters of Lake Erie.
K.H. Nicholls, S.J. Standke

Growth and condition of juvenile yellow (Perca flavescens) and white perch (Morone americana) during zebra mussel establishment in western Lake Erie (1988-91).
D.M. Graham, W.G. Sprules, S.J. Nepszy

Has the invasion of dreissenid mussels affected the colonial fish-eating birds on Lake Erie?
P.J. Ewins, N.A. Mahony, D.V. Weseloh, H. Blokpoel

An assessment of food-web changes in eastern Lake Erie: impact of Dreissena spp. and phosphorus management on rainbow smelt, Osmerus mordax.
R. Dermott, M. Munawar, L. Witzel, P.A. Ryan


Patterns of organic contaminant distribution in the food web of the western basin of Lake Erie
G.D. Haffner, S.E. Koslowski

Contaminant levels in herring gull eggs from Lake Erie and the Detroit and Niagara Rivers: change-point regression analysis, 1974 to 1996.
J. Di Maio, C. Pekarik, D.V. Weseloh

Emerging approaches and Techniques

Probing microbial food web structure in Lake Erie.
M. Munawar, I. F. Munawar, T. Weisse, H. van Stam, M. Fitzpatrick, J. Lorimer , C. Wenghofer, S. Carou

Comparison of phytoplankton photosynthesis using C14 -incubator techniques and numerical modelling in Lakes Erie, Ontario, the Bay of Quinte and the Northwest Ontario Lake Size Series.
E.S. Millard, E.J. Fee, D.D. Myles, J.A. Dahl

Stable isotopic compositions of archived walleye (Stizostedion vitreum) tissues as a measure of historical changes in the food web dynamics of the western basin of Lake Erie
R.M. Kiriluk, D.M. Whittle, R.W. Russell, G. Cabana, J. B. Rasmussen

A method for quantifying the supply of suitable habitat for fish stocks in Lake Erie.
C.K. Minns, C.N. Bakelaar

A theoretical analysis of food web constraints on walleye dynamics in Lake Erie.
A.B. Locci, J.F. Koonce

An ecosystemic two phase attractor approach to Lake Erie ecology. 
J.J. Kay H.A. Regier