Checking the Pulse of Lake Erie

“The progress of research on Lake Erie has been marked by several milestone publications during the long struggle to restore the system. “Checking the Pulse of Lake Erie” is an important and excellent update and useful benchmark in the Lake Erie historical record.  It contains 20 manuscripts contributed by almost 50 authors from a broad spectrum of disciplines and research interests.”

– Ed Mills, Professor. Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University Biological Field Station.
– Joe Leach, Emeritus Scientist, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Table of Contents


M. Munawar & R. Heath

E. Mills and J. Leach

Physical and chemical regimes

Lake Erie Thermal Structure: Variability, Trends and Potential Changes
W.M Schertzer, P.F. Hamblin, D.C.L. Lam

Lake Erie Hydrodynamics : Regime, Variability and Potential Changes
P.F. Hamblin and W.M. Schertzer

Erie Analysis of Late 90s Phosphorus Loading Pulse to Lake Erie
D. Dolan and P. Richards

Modelling Phosphorus and Dissolved Oxygen Conditions Pre- and Post- Dreissena Arrival in Lake Erie
D.C.L. Lam, W.M. Schertzer, R.C. McCrimmon, M. Charlton, S. Millard

Changes in water quality of Maumee Bay 1928-2003 
D. Moorhead, T. Bridgeman and J. Morris

Water Use for Irrigation Agriculture in Ohio’s Lake Erie Basin and its Potential Impact on Lake Erie Water Quality 
T. Loftus and R.P. Richards

Current Knowledge of Trace Metal Biogeochemistry in the Water Column of Lake Erie
M.R. Twiss

An updated review of contaminant sources and loads in Lake Erie
David Porta and G. Douglas Haffner

Biological regime

A review of planktonic viruses in Lake Erie and their role in phosphorus cycling
Amanda L. Dean, Julie L. Higgins, Jennifer M. DeBruyn, Johanna M. Rinta-Kanto, Richard A. Bourbonniere, and Steven W. Wilhelm

Apportionment of Phosphate Between Bacterioplankton and Phytoplankton in Lake Erie During Summer 2003
T. T. Meilander and R. T. Heath

An intensive assessment of planktonic communities of the Canadian waters of Lake Erie
M. Munawar, I.F. Munawar, M. Fitzpatrick, H. Niblock, J. Lorimer

A Planktonic Index of Biotic Integrity (P-IBI) for Lake Erie: A new technique for checking the Pulse of Lake Erie
D.D. Kane, S.I. Gordon, M. Munawar, M.N. Charlton, and D.A. Culver

Declining Lake Erie ecosystem health-Evidence from a multi-year, lake-wide, plankton study
J. D. Conroy, D.D. Kane, and D.A. Culver

Changing benthic fauna of Lake Erie between 1993 and 1998
R. Dermott and J. Dow

Synergistic changes in the fish community of western Lake Erie as modified by non-indigenous species and environmental fluctuations 
Xinhua Zhu, Timothy B. Johnson, and Jeffrey T. Tyson

Application of the Primary Production Required model for managing commercial fisheries in western Lake Erie
M. A. J. Fitzpatrick, M. Munawar, and G.D. Haffner

Lake Erie Colonial Waterbirds, 1974-2002: Trends in Populations, Contaminant Levels, and Stable Isotope Indicators of Diet
C. E. Hebert, D.V. Weseloh, T. Havelka, C. Pekarik, J.L. Shutt, and F. Cuthbert

Current issues

Life in the Dead Zone: exploring microbial communities in the oxygen depleted waters of Lake Erie 
T. T. Meilander, M. Munawar, M. A. J. Fitzpatrick and R. T. Heath

Abundance of healthy phytoplankton in the hypoxic waters of Central Lake Erie during the summer of 2004 
I.F. Munawar, M. Munawar, M. A.J. Fitzpatrick, J. Lorimer

Nonindigenous species in Lake Erie: A chronicle of established and projected aquatic invaders
Sarah A. Bailey, David W. Kelly, Derek K. Gray, Kanavillil Nandakumar , Hugh J. MacIsaac