The Lake Huron Ecosystem: Ecology, Fisheries and Management

Table of Contents

M. Munawar, T Edsall & J. Leach

R.A. Ryder

Section I: Lake Huron ecosystem

Limnology of Lake Huron
A.M. Beeton & J.H. Saylor

Lake Huron, North Channel, and Georgian Bay ecosystems: Part I. Phytoplankton structure and ecology
M. Munawar & I.F. Munawar & M. Legner

Lake Huron, North Channel, and Georgian Bay ecosystems: Part IL Plankton size composition and microbial assessment
M. Munawar & I.F. Munawar

Fisheries of Lake Huron: An opportunity for stewardship
G.R. Spangler & J.H. Peters

Status and future of Lake Huron fish communities
M.P. Ebener, J.E. Johnson, D.M. Reid, N.P. Payne, R.L. Argyle, G.M. Wright, K. Krueger, J.P. Baker, T. Morse & J. Weise

A graphical paradigm for the sequential reduction and spectacular rehabilitation of the Lake Whitefish of Lake Huron
J.A. Reckahn

Patterns of egg deposition by Lake Trout and Lake Whitefish at Tawas artificial reef, Lake Huron, 1990-1993
N.R. Foster & G.W. Kennedy

Forage fish assemblage structure in the littoral and nearshore areas of St. Martin Bay, Lake Huron
R.W Brown, M.P. Ebener, T.J. Sledge & W.W. Taylor

The role of wetlands as nearshore habitat in Lake Huron
D.A. Wilcox

Breeding avifauna of Lake Huron
H.H.. Prince & C.S. Flegel

Changes in the status, distribution and biology of Ospreys (Pandion haliaetus) breeding on Lake Huron
P.J. Ewins, S. Postupalsky, T. Weise & E.M. Addison

Section II: Saginaw Bay ecosystem

History and Status of Fisheries in Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron
R. C. Haas

Restoring and protecting Saginaw Bay: the Saginaw Bay National Watershed Initiative and the Saginaw River/Bay Remedial Action Plan
J.H. Bredin & G.W Goudy

The microcrustacean community of a Saginaw Bay coastal emergent marsh
V.J. Brady & T.M. Burton

Section III: Sediment toxicity and management

Trace element concentrations in 1988 Saginaw Bay sediments: comparison with historical data
R. Rossmann

Using the burden of evidence approach for sediment management; Case study: Collingwood Harbour
G. Krantzberg

St. Marys River – Chemical treatment of contaminated sediments by iron injection 
T.P. Murphy, A. Moller, R.. Pandey, H. Brouwer, M. Fox, J Babin & K. Gray

Sediment effects on the uptake of Trichloroethylene by roots and leaves of Vallisneria americana
M. Biernacki, J. Lovett-Doust & L. Lovett-Doust

Section IV. Exotics and general

The effects of a change in the angling season on the Walleye Stizostedion vitreum fishery of Lake Nipissing, Ontario, 1968 to 1992 (25 years)
C.R. Jorgensen & J.A. Reckahn

Ecology, distribution, and impact of the newly introduced Round and Tubenose Gobies on the Biota of the St. Clair & Detroit Rivers
D.J.. Jude, J. Janssen & G. Crawford

Status and control of Ruffle (Gymnocephalus cernuus) in Lake Superior and potential for range expansion
T.R. Busiahn & J.R. McClain

Aspects of flora modification and style-morph frequency in a colonizing weed, Lythrum salicaria (purple loosestrife)
TK Mal

Lakewide management planning in the Laurentian Great Lakes: A perspective for Lake Huron
I.R.. Smith & T Coape-Arnold