The Great Lakes of the World (GLOW) Food – Web, Health and Integrity

Table of Contents


M. Munawar, R.E. Hecky

C.S. Reynolds

C.E. Herdendorf

African Great Lakes

The pelagic ecosystem of Lake Malawi, Africa: Trophic structure and current threats
K. Irvine, G. Patterson, E.H. Allison, A.B. Thompson, A. Menz

Initial measurements of benthic photosynthesis in Lake Malawi
H.A. Bootsma, R.E. Hecky

Recent changes in the phytoplankton community of Lake Victoria in response to eutrophication
H.J. Kling, R. Mugidde, R.E. Hecky

Diurnal fluctuations in Pco2 DIC, oxygen and nutrients at inshore sites in Lake Victoria, Uganda
P.S. Ramlal, G. W. Kling, L.M. Ndawula, R.E. Hecky, H.J. Kling

Pulsed and dampened annual limnological fluctuations in Lake Tanganyika
Ph.D. Plisnier, E.J. Coenen

Seasonal abundance of zooplankton and the planktivorous fish, Stolothrissa, Tanzanian waters of Lake Tanganyika,
H. Rufli

Asian Great Lakes

Primary productivity, phytoplankton and nutrient status in Lake Baikal
C.R. Goldman, A.D. Jassby

Chinese Great Lakes: Origin, changes and trends
W. YB. Chang

Lake Biwa: Largest lake in Japan
M. Nakamura, W.YB. Chang

The biology and physical processes of large lakes of Indonesia: Lakes Matano and Towuti
G.D. Haffner, P.E. Hehanussa, D. Hartoto

South American Great Lakes

The biological, chemical, and physical linmology of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia/Peru
A. Pawley, S.C. Fritz, P.A. Baker, G.O. Seltzer, R. Dunbar

North American Great Lakes

An overview of the changing flora and fauna of the North American Great Lakes. Part I: Phytoplankton and microbial loop.
M. Munawar, LF. Munawar

An overview of the changing flora and fauna of the North American Great Lakes. Part II: Zooplankton, benthos, fish, colonial waterbirds and exotics
M. Munawar, R. Dermott, J Leach, S. Nepszy, D. V. Weseloh, D. Graham, S.Carou, H. Niblock, O. Johannsson

Mysis relicta production in large lakes: Combining allometry with technology
W.G. Sprules, T.J. Morris

Acoustic fish stock assessment in the Laurentian Great Lakes
D.M. Mason, A. Goyke, S.B. Brandt, JM. Jech

Using wildlife to monitor contaminants and their effects in the North American Great Lakes ecosystem
P.J. Ewins, D. V. Weseloh, G.A. Fox, C.A. Bishop, T Boughen

A comparison of cyanobacterial dominance within the picoplankton of the North American Great Lakes estimated by 16S rRNA?based hybridisations and direct cell counts
R.E. Hicks, D.A. Pascoe

Flow cytometry for the unicellular plankton of the Laurentian Great Lakes
M. Legner, W.G. Sprules, R.J. Daley, E.D. Fillery

Considerations in the development and application of ecosystem models in large takes
R. Jain, J. V. De Pinto

Control of grazing in the Great Lakes of North America and Asia: Natural and industrial controls
D.C. McNaught

Lake Tahoe: Diagnosis and rehabilitation of a large mountain lake
A.D. Jassby, C.R. Goldman, JE. Reuter, R.C. Richards, A. C. Heyvaert