Freshwater Fishes and Fisheries of Lesser Known Regions of the World VOL 2: Eurasia

Table of Contents

Asia-Pacific Ecosystems

Dams and fisheries in the Mekong Basin
E. Baran, C. Myschowoda

Sustainability issues of reservoir fisheries in Malaysia
M.A. Ambak and K.C.A. Jalal

The ecological status of Lake Laguna de Bay, Philippines
M. Tamayo-Zafaralla, R. A. V. Santos, R. P. Orozco & G. C. P. Elegado

Indian Subcontinent Ecosystems

Freshwater fishes of Bangladesh: Fisheries, biodiversity And habitat
M.G. Hussain

Freshwater fishes, fisheries and habitats of Nepal
C. M Sharma

The environment and fishery status of the River Ganges
K. K. Vass, S. K. Mondal, S. Samanta, V. R. Suresh and P. K. Katiha

Fish diversity, community structure and ecological integrity of the tropical River Ganges, India
M. K. Das, A. P. Sharma, K. K. Vass, R. K. Tyagi, V. R. Suresh, M. Naskar, and A. B. Akolkar (India)

Development of co-management in the Inland Fisheries in Sri Lanka: Case studies of Senenayake Samudra and Mahavilachchiya Reservoirs
M. Kulatilake, H.S.W.A. Liyanage, W.M.J.R Fernando, J. Chandrasoma and M. Van der Knaap

Central Asian Ecosystems

Fish diversity and fisheries in the Caspian Sea and Aral–Syr Darya basin in the Republic of Kazakhstan at the beginning of the 21st century
I.V. Mitrofanov, and N.Sh. Mamilov

Fish diversity in Kyrgyzstan: species composition, fisheries and management problems
L.A. Kustareva, and A.M. Naseka

Dagestan fisheries in the Western Caspian Sea: current status, factors of impact and recommendations to sustainable management
A.S. Abdusamadov, and H.S. Belyaeva

Sea of Azov: a brief review of the environment and fishery
O.A. Diripasko, N.G. Bogutskaya, K.V. Dem’yanenko, and L.V. Izergin

The fishes and fishery in Lake Baikal
A.N. Matveyev, and V.P. Samusenok

European Ecosystems

Environmental conditions, freshwater fishes and fishery management in Ukraine
Y.V. Movchan

Freshwater fishes of Greece: Their biodiversity, fisheries and habitats
D. C. Bobori and P. S. Economidis