Ecotoxicological Testing of Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems: Emerging Techniques, Trends and Strategies

Focusing on state-of-the-art biological testing and methods used for aquatic ecosystem health assessment, Ecotoxicological Testing of Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems evaluates the latest bioassay techniques and different types of water and sediment quality assessments. The book also explores multi-tiered approaches to making recommendations for the preservation, enhancement, and restoration of ecosystem functions as well as risk perception and communication strategies for investigators, policy makers, government agencies, and the public.

Table of Contents

M. Munawar

G. Dave

P. den Besten and M. Munawar

Toxicity tests in sediment quality assessments
S. Ireland and K. Ho

Bioassays and tiered approaches for monitoring surface water quality and effluents
M. Tonkes, P. den Besten and D. Leverett

Biomarkers in environmental assessments
R. van der Oost, C. Porte-Visa and N. van den Brink

Molecular methods for gene expression analysis: ecotoxicological applications
A. Lange, M. Maras and W.M. De Coen

Bioassays, and biosensors; capturing biology in a nutshell
B. van der Burg and A. Brouwer

Satellite remote sensing in marine ecosystem assessments
T. Pritchard and K. Koop

Risk perception and public communication of aquatic ecosystem assessment information
M. Reiss and L. Pelstring

Ecotoxicological testing of marine and freshwater ecosystems: Synthesis and recommendations
P. den Besten and M. Munawar