Development and progress in sediment quality assessment: rationale, challenges, techniques & strategies

Table of Contents

Munawar, M. & G. Dave

Sly, P.G.

Opening remarks
Wallentinus, I.

Chemical Assessment

Metals in sediments: Remobilization and environmental hazards
Calmano, W.

Organic contaminants in sediments of the Baltic Sea: Distribution, behaviour and fate
Näf, C., J. Axelman & D. Broman

Metals in settling particles and surficial sediments off the Swedish Baltic coast 1988- 1989
Lithner, G., D. Broman, C. Näf, H. Borg, A. Johansson, P. Kärrhage & M. Larsson


Research needs in sediment bioassay and toxicity testing 
Crane, M., J. Everts, C. van de Gucthe, F. Heimbach, I. Hill, P. Matthiessen & J. Stronkhorrst

The influence of sediment quality on functional aspects of marine benthic communities
Diaz, R. & R. Rosenberg

Effects on lake benthos of metals from the Bersbo mine tailings, Southern Sweden
Lithner, G., A. Johansson & P. Kärrhage

Reference abundances of freshwater benthic fauna as a tool in sediment quality assessment
de Poorter, L., J.M. Brils, F.C. Kerkum & C van de Guchte

Changes in overlying water quality and sediment toxicity to Hyallela azteca during a 10-day sediment bioassay: Static vs. renewal regimens
Kubitz, J.A. & .J.P. Giesy

Toxicity assessment of slightly contaminated dredged material from the port of Rotterdam
Stronkhorst, J., P. van den Hurk, T. Bowmer, A.M. Gerritsen & H. Klamer

Monitoring sediment toxicity in UK estuaries and offshore waters from 1990-1993
Thain, J.E., Y. Allen & P. Martthiessen

An improved and direct exposure bioassay using bacterial luminescence for sediment toxicity testing
Svenson, A., A. Cardoso, A. Thurén & G. Dave

Sediment storage: A critical factor in sediment quality assessments
Dave, G. & E. Nilsson

Sediment toxicity assessment in the North American Great Lakes: Evaluation of sampling and testing procedures
Munawar, M., R. Dermott & P. Ross

Liming as a remedial action for an industrially polluted lake (Lake Orta, Northern Italy)
Baudo, R., P. Ross & L. Guzzella

Global Harmonization

Ring testing a standardised test method for a toxicity test on sediment-dwelling Chironomus riparius by spiking the overlying water
Hamer, M.J. & F. Heimbach

Sediment tests for poorly water soluble substances: European intra- and inter- laboratory comparisons
Fleming, R.J., C. van de Guchte, L. Grootelaar, S. Ciarelli, J. Borchert, B. Looise & M.T. Guerra

Harmonization of methods for determination of sediment and water quality in the Scandinavian countries
Dave, G.

Standardization of contaminated sediment assessment methods: I. North America
Ross, P. & M. Munawar

The development and implimentation of Canadian Sediment Quality Guidelines
Smith, S.L, D.D. MacDonald, K.A. Keenleyside & C.L. Gaudet