The contaminants in the nordic ecosystem: the dynamics, processes and fate

Table of Contents

M. Munawar & M. Luotola

L. Tarasti

Opening Address
K. Bärlund

Chemicals control in the Nordic countries: Approaches to risk reduction
B. Bucht, I.G. England, A. Lundgren, E. Nikunen & H. Tyle

Modelled and observed fate of selected organochlorines in the Nordic environment
J. Paasivirta, S. Sinkkonen, T. Rantio, D. Calamari, A. Di Guardo, M. Matthies & S. Trapp

Cadmium and mercury in north European forest ecosystems
M. Lodenius

Management of environmentally hazardous chemicals in Finland
L. Ylä-Mononen

Use and emission scenarios for methyl chloroform and carbon tetrachloride in Finland
A.B. Mukherjee

Ecological situation in the Leningrad Region: Emission, transboundary air pollution, decline of the conifer forest (results of a three-year assessment and monitoring survey of the effects of the effects of air pollution on forests)
N.I. Goltsova, T.V. Vasina & B.G. Popovichev

Pollution-related environmental gradients around the “Severonikel” smelter complex at the Kola Peninsula, Northwestern Russia
M.V. Kozlov & E. Haykioja

Effects of environmental pollutants on the cold-hardiness of Arctic and boreal ectothermic animals
K.E. Zachariassen & R. Lundheim

Mechanisms of thermal acclimation in relation to ecotoxicology
K.Y.H. Lagerspetz

The role of natural organic material on the fate and toxicity of xenobiotics in aquatic environment
J. Kukkonen

Degradation of the halogenated organic fraction of biologically treated bleached kraft pulp mill effluents in Finnish lake water mesocosms
E.K. Saski, K. Salonen, A. Vähätalo & M. Salkinoja-Salonen

Polychlorinated diphenyl ethers and chlorophenolic compounds in Salmon (Salmo salar) from the Arctic Teno River compared to the Baltic Sea
P.J. Vuorinen, J. Koistinen, J. Paasivirta, M. Vuorinen & J. Hoikka

Metals in cod (Gadus morhua morhua L.) from the Barents Sea
W.M. Savinov

Biomobility of organic halogen compounds from contaminated soil – earthworms as a tool
M. Laine, J. Jokela & M. Salkinoja-Salonen

Influence of soil and climatic factors on the kinetics of transformation of herbicides in soil
L. Torstensson & J. Stenstrõm

Variation of cyanobacterial hepatotoxins in Finland
K. Sivonen, M. Namikoshi, R. Luukkainen, M. Färdig, L. Rouhiainen, W.R. Evans, W.W. Carmicheal, K.L. Rineheart & S.I. Niemelä

Human impacts on the Hudson Bay region: Present and future environmental concerns
P.G. Sly

Workshop sessions