Bringing Conservation to Cities


Bringing Conservation to Cities won a Gold Medal from the Nonfiction Authors Association in the “Sustainable Living” category. These Nonfiction Book Awards honor excellence in nonfiction books.

Bringing Conservation to Cities also won a bronze medal from the Living Now Book Awards in the “Green Living” category. This annual competition is designed to honor life-changing books that seek healthier, more fulfilling, and more productive lives.


Table of Contents




Chapter 1 – From Resource Abuse to Recovery of Detroit River’s Charismatic Megafauna


Chapter 2 – From Conservation Vision to Establishment of an International Wildlife Refuge


Chapter 3 – Roots of the Refuge: Standing on the Shoulders of Michigan United Conservation Clubs, Pointe Mouillee Waterfowl Festival, and the United Auto Workers


Chapter 4 – Public-Private Partnerships for Conservation


Chapter 5 – Creating a New Waterfront Porch for People and Wildlife


Chapter 6 – Transformation of an Industrial Brownfield into a Gateway to the International Wildlife Refuge


Chapter 7 – If You Build It, They Will Come


Chapter 8 – Citizen Science and Stewardship


Chapter 9 – Reconnecting People Back to the Land and Water Through Outdoor Recreation 


Chapter 10 – Lessons Learned