Bioindicators of Environmental Health

Table of Contents

M. Munawar, O. Hänninen, S. Roy, N. Munawar, L. Kärenlampi, D. Brown

Opening address

Bioindicators in international environmental cooperation: A users view
H. Sisula

J. Salanki

Section One: Biological Indicators

Detection of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon metabolites in aquatic organisms
D. Warshawsky, J. Schneider, R. Reilman, K. LaDow, M. Radike, T. Cody, R. Grosser & R. Vestal

Utility and applicability of autotrophic picoplankton as bioindicators of ecosystem health
M. Munawar, I.F. Munawar & T. Weisse

Physiological and biochemical assessment of environmental stress in bryophytes and lichens
D.H. Brown

Macrophyte enzymes as indicators of aquatic pollution
S. Roy & O. Hänninen

The use of watermelon as an ozone indicator
B.S. Gimeno, J.M. Salleras, J.L. Porcuna, R.A. Reinert, D. Velissariou & A.W. Davison

The use of Aleppo pine, Pinus halepensis Mill as a bioindicator of ozone stress in Greece and Spain
A.W. Davison, D. Velissariou, J.D. Barnes, B. Gimeno & R. Inclan

Microscopic structures of conifer needles as a diagnostic tool in the field
S. Sutinen & L. Koivisto

Arboreal insects as indicators of air pollution effects on woody plants
J.K. Holopainen & J. Oksanen

Biphasic and combined effects of heavy metals on the periodic valve movements of the freshwater bivalve, Anodonta cygnea
J. Salánki

Cytochrome P450, monooxygenases, reactive oxygen species, lipid peroxidation, and glutathione in wild catch carp and trout liver – influence of three week cleaning period to obtain reference data for biomonitoring evaluation
W. Klinger, A. Barth, R. Glockner, E. Karge, M. Kretzschmar, D. Müller & F. Schiller

Section two: Global Overview

Atmospheric heavy metal deposition in Europe estimated by moss analysis
Å. Rühling

Biological monitoring in Latvia using moss and soil: Problems in the partitioning of anthropogenic and natural effects
G. Brumelis & O. Nikodemus

Biomonitoring in urban Slovakia by the accumulation of proline and inorganic elements in tree leaves
J. Supuka

The use of bioindication for estimation of pollution in forest ecosystesm of the Leningrad region
N.I. Goltsova & T.V. Vasina

The use of biomonitoring for ecological planning and ecological policy in agricultural settlements
J. Bohac, J. Kubes, R. Fuch & A. Curnova

Strategies for biomonitoring of workers exposed to pesticides
K. Savolainen & J. Kangas

Long-term biomonitoring of organochlorine and organotin compounds along the coast of Japan by the Japan Environmental Agency
M. Yasuno

Protocols for phytomonitoring in industrial areas in a tropical monsoonal region
S.B. Chaphekar

Section Three: General Assessment

Sequential elution procedures for establishing the cellular distribution patterns of metals in cryptogamic plants
D.H. Brown

Validation of the use of aquatic bioindicators by means of Reference Materials
R. Baudo, D. Rossi & Ph. Quevauviller

Cell biological methods in biomonitoring – Some aspects
A.K. Sharma

Biomonitoring of endotoxin in lead sensitized animal
L. Bertók

Thyroid function and biomonitoring of toxic effects (an in vivo model)
S.U. Nagy

Placental monooxygenase and conjugating activities of Altay newborns suffering from hemolytic jaundice
S.V. Kotelevtsev, V.V. Obraztsov, L.I. Stepanova, V.I. Brusovanic, J.N. Schoychet & O. Hänninen