Aquatic Restoration in Canada

Table of Contents

Baudo, R.

Murphy, T.P. & Munawar, M.

Planning and Management

What progress has been made in the RAP program after ten years of effort?
Krantzburg, G. Ali, H. & Barnes, J.

Defensible methods: Applications of a procedure for assessing developments affecting littoral fish habitat on the lower Great Lakes
Minns, C.K. & Nairn, R.B.

Modern procedures for small-scale sewage treatment: On-site wastewater treatment for small communities
Dubé, J.-P. & Roy, C.

Contaminant levels and loading estimates: The first step in identifying restoration options for a Great Lakes Area of Concern
Irvine, K.N., Droppo, I.G. & Murphy, T.P.


Bioremediation of oil impacted shorelines
Lee, K.

Lake aeration in British Columbia: Applications and experiences
Ashley, K. & Nordin, R.

Liquid oxygen injection to increase dissolved oxygen concentrations in temperate zone lakes
Babin, J.M. Burke, J.M., Murphy, T.P., Prepas, E.E. & Johnson, W.

Restoration of Kokanee salmon in Kootenay Lake, a large intermontane lake, by controlled seasonal application of limiting nutrients
Ashley, K., Thompson, L.C., Sebastian, D., Lasenby, D.C., Smokorowski, K.E. & Andrusak, H.

Restoration of prairie wetlands to enhance bird habitat: A Ducks Unlimited Canada perspective
Gray, B.T., Coley, R.W., MacFarlane, R.J., Puchniak, A.J., Sexton, D.A. & Stewart, G.R.

Chain Lake restoration by dredging and hypolimnetic withdrawal
Murphy, T.P., MacDonald, R.H., Lawrence, G.A. & Mawhinney, M.