Aquatic ecosystems of China: environmental and toxicological assessment

Table of Contents

M. Munawar

H. Liu

W.Y. Chang

The role of bacteria as diet in aquatic ecosystems
X. Zhu, I. Katsuya, Q. Liu & J. Li

Studies on the structure of phytoplankton communities in Xinjiang Bosten Lake
X. Yan & X. Pei

Algal growth potential test in Lake Donghu, Wuhan, China
Z. Zhang, K. Ron & G. Shen

The ecological distribution of phytoplankton and the biological assessment of the water quality of Erhai Lake
Y.X. Dong

The impacts of algae in a eutrophic lake on the formation of mutagens in chlorinated drinking water
L. Zhu & H. Cai

A simulation model of eutrophication prediction for the Miyun reservoir, Beijing
Y. Chen

Studies on the effects of phenol on the growth and reproduction of water hyacinths (Eichhornia crassipes solms)
Z. Wu, G. He, X. Li, M. Xiang & Y. Xia

The study of arsenic contents, accumulations in some organisms, and the availability of sediment-bound arsenic to the Yellow River estuarine Mactra veneriformis
AZ Gao, XN. Ma & Q.S. Li

Accumulation of methyl mercury in a laboratory aquatic food chain
R. Xiu, S. Gao. B. Hue, L. Li & S. Li

The toxicity of mercuric chloride to embryos and larvae of zebrafish, Brachydanio rerio
R. Xiu & G. Dave

Accumulation and elimination of C(14)-hexachlorobenzene in the eggs and fry of Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes)
Y Huang, G.R. Biddinger & S.P. Gloss

Effects of nitrite on the survival of freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium nipponensis
Z. Shi & Z. Mei

Effects of temperature, salinity, copper and ammonia on prawn (Penaeus orientalis kishinouye) postlarvae and clam (Potamocorbula laevis)
J. Xu & T. Jing

Induction of micronuclei in erythrocytes of frog tadpoles by city sewage and its application in environmental monitoring
J. Chen & Y. Xia

Characteristics of the sediments related to a lake’s evolution process: A study on the substrate in the West Lake of Hangzhou, China
J. Wu, J. Li & Y. Zhang