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The Ecovision World Monograph Series was designed to promote and encourage the ecosystem science-based approach. The book series is sponsored by the Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management Society and merges the high quality of a peer-reviewed journal with the comprehensive approach of a scholarly text. It adheres to the same stringent publication guidelines, and technical editing process as the Society’s primary journal, Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management, but also offers a freedom of topics, and room for in depth analyses, not available in the journal.

The series was launched in 1995 to publish primary, scientific, peer-reviewed books that are comprehensive and focus on the paradigm of life in our ever-changing planet. Topics that address questions of sustainability, biodiversity and ecological integrity due to physical, chemical, biological, natural and anthropogenic stresses are encouraged. The aim of the series is to offer an integrated, multi-disciplinary, multi-trophic treatment of ecosystem research, with a scope can go beyond aquatic ecology. We invite proposals that offer in depth analyses of a particular topic, issue or ecosystem in a holistic and thorough fashion.

List of Published Books
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Sample Themes and Topics

  • Status and assessments of whole ecosystems
  • Interactions between air, water, land and wildlife.
  • Conservation of ecosystem health, integrity, and biodiversity
  • Impact of global warming, climatic events and adaptation
  • Marine and freshwater invasive species

Our Specialty

The Ecovision team has long-term, professional, editorial experience. It meticulously processes each manuscript to guarantee that it meets the international standard of a high quality, peer-reviewed publication. As a not for profit society, the AEHMS’s focus is on producing high quality, unique, ecological books, which is not provided by commercial companies.

  • Our editorial services include thorough editing, from essential technical and text editing.
  • We check for clarity, style and integrity of each paper, as well as adherence to international scientific conventions.
  • Additionally, we do a final check of the galley proof to ensure the quality of final printed product, something most publishers leave solely to the author.

Series Editor

M. Munawar, Canada


I.F. Munawar, Canada

Associate Editors:

Dave (Sweden), M. Fitzpatrick (Canada), J. Hartig (USA), R.T. Heath (USA), M. van der Knaap (Netherlands), J.H. Leach (Canada), D.F. Malley (Canada), N. Mandrak (Canada), E. Mills (USA), C.K. Minns (Canada), A.P. Sharma (India), D. Wang (China)