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Since 1990, the Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management Society has provided the scientific community with symposia and conferences emphasizing holistic, ecosystemic, and integrated initiatives for the conservation and management of global aquatic resources.

The AEHMS specializes in organising conferences and events devoted to specific topics such as “Lake Huron ecology and fisheries”, “Ecology of Lake Superior”, “Ecosystem Modeling”, “Marine environmental changes in the South China Sea” and “Great Lakes of the World”. The AEHMS also organizes topic-specific sessions within broad-topic research conferences such as IAGLR’s (International Association of Great Lakes Research) and SIL’s (Society of Limnology) annual conferences.

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Upcoming Events


A symposia co-sponsored with the AEHMS and IAGLR
Restoring Great Lakes Areas of Concern
Detroit, Michigan | May 15-19, 2017


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A full list of past AEHMS events is available here.

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