Mission & Objectives

Mission Statement

The Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management Society (AEHMS) was established in 1989. We promote integrated, ecosystemic, and holistic initiatives for the protection and conservation of global aquatic resources. The Society focuses on the adoption of the ecosystemic health concept and the application of adaptive management and restoration. We accomplish this through the organization of conferences, symposia, workshops and publication of our primary journal, Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management (AEHM), as well as our Ecovision World Monograph book series.

Our Objectives:

  • Adoption and promotion of ecosystem health concept
  • Application of adaptive management from a multi-disciplinary, multi-trophic and sustainable perspective
  • Focusing on integrated approaches towards the protection, remediation and restoration
  • Enhancing the understanding of marine and freshwater, structure, function, ecology and food web dynamics
  • Advocating the development of new tools, toys, techniques, approaches and models
  • Encouraging international, interdisciplinary, and cross-sectoral communication and collaboration among scientists, universities, governments, industry, and public sectors
  • Disseminating information on ecosystem health through publications via a primary journal, peer reviewed books, newsletter, and special issues, as needed, as well as convening conferences, symposia, ecoforums and workshops

Conferences and Symposia:

Since its inception, the Society has partnered with many institutions to organize numerous international conferences, symposia and workshops. The AEHMS has worked with international partners with diverse environmental concerns in order to improve ecosystem health through the knowledge shared at our events. These include biennial conferences across the globe with themes such as Great Lakes of the World (GLOW), GULF ecosystems, fish and fisheries of the world, invasive species and our flagship AEHMS conference series. We have also organized many topic-specific conferences and symposia centered on specific regions and ecosystems including marine, freshwater lake and river systems.

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